Records Search

The London Bat Group hold records gathered by members of the location of bat roosts, species numbers, distribution maps etc. The London Bat Group holds data on London's bats in Recorder 6.

Records searches are often carried out for environmental consultants and or interested parties whom require information on known bat activity prior to building development or other engineering operations taking place as part of the planning application process.

Should you require a records search, please contact the London Bat Group's records officer, using the email address below. We will need the following information

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Contact details
  • The purpose of your search so we can provide you with appropriate advice
  • The Ordanance Survey Grid Reference(s) and the radius of the required search 

email contact records

For information on how to send us your records, and a spreadsheet for the records, please look at our Report a Bat Sighting Page.

(All data held and or made available will be subject to the Data Protection Act)