Bat Surveys and Projects

The London Bat Group undertakes surveys to gain a greater knowledge of Londons Bats, their distribution and habitat requirements

Below are examples of some of the work the group had undertaken

Addington Hills Bat Box Scheme

The London Bat Group was awarded funding from Viridor Credits in 2012 towards this long-running Scheme.

Moon Phase Daubenton's Survey

Two surveys of water bodies: once during a full moon and second during no moon. This is in order to monitor the effect on Daubenton's bat foraging over water bodies.

Site Transects

The establishment, and repeated surveying, of transects at several sites in London. The aim is to increase the network of regularly surveyed sites across London and monitoring more bat species than ever before.

Full details of both surveys can be found by clicking the corresponding links in the main menu

There are already some long-running national surveys run as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programme, with several sites occurring within London. These are designed to be as simple as possible while still generating valuable data. We would particularly recommend taking part in the Colony Counts (if you know of bat roosts at which you can do counts) and the Waterway Survey (focusing on Daubenton’s bat) as both are relatively easy to carry out and will provide additional very useful data on bats in London. Contact us for more information on these or go to for more information.